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- 'A Tale of a River' for Chamber Orchestra

- A Prelude for String Orchestra, Harp and Bodhran

- '3-4-2' A piece for 9 Highland Pipers and Orchestra (Preview Score here: Movement III)

- 'Terra Firma' a piece for 1 live piper and 4 pre-recorded pipers (Preview Score here: Movement III)

- String Quartet no 1 in D Major (Preview Score here: Movement II)

String Quartet no 2 in E minor (Preview Score here: Movement IV)

- 'The Grim King of the Ghosts' Theme and 6 Variations for String Ensemble and Brass section.

- A Scottish Orchestral Fanfare

- '5-6-7' for Bagpipe Trio in A minor (Preview Score here: Movement I)

- 'Rotations' Overture for Orchestra

- Bagpipe quartet No 1 in D

'The Home of the Great Selkie' for String Ensemble and Timpani

- 2 Orchestral Piobaireachd Preludes


On-Going Projects

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- 12 Preludes and Fugues for piano based on Traditional and Neo-traditional tunes. (View 'Prelude and Fugue in F sample score here)

- 3 Piobaireachd for mixed ensemble

- A collection of Neo-traditional Clarsach pieces. (View 'Best Efforts' Sample Score here)

- A series of String Quartets (listen to string quartet no 2 here)

- A Series of bagpipe duos, trios and quartets.

- A traditional/classical fused suite for folk and classical ensembles

- A collection of dances for multiple whistles. (View 'Cloud 18' sample score here)

- A series of through composed Suites for pipe band. (View 'The Fever Suite' here, and 'Pipeline' here.)

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