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John is has completed a number of projects as part of a larger series of works. These include several tunes:

'The Sights of Aviemore' - Performed by SIMMITRI

The Sights of Aviemore

'Sunset on Loch Morlich' - Performed by The DROCHAID Quintet

Sunset on Loch Morlich

'Dead Cactus Jigs' - Performed by John Dew

Dead Cactus Jigs

'A' Caoidh' - Performed by the 'Beasts' Soundtrack ensemble.

A' Caoidh

As well as some larger works (note Sibelius 7 sounds)

'Rotations' for Orchestra


String Quartet no 2 in E minor - 4th Movement

String Quartet no 2 Mvnt 4

A Prelude for String Orchestra, Harp and Bodhran'

A Prelude for String Orchestra, Harp and Bodhran

'New Arrivals' for Low Whistle, Harp and String Orchestra

New Arrivals

'The Home of the Great Selkie' for String Ensemble and Timpani

The Home of the Great Selkie

'Prelude for Cor Anglais, Harp and String Orchestra: 'Lament for

Donald Doughall MacKay'

Piobaireachd Prelude for Cor Anglais, Le

Film Soundtracks

'The Subtle Art of French Cooking', a short film by Henry Schwittay.

'Going Equipped', a short film by Mondo Love

3 RTS award winning 'What Separates us from the Beasts' by Sedona May Tubbs.

'What Separates Us from the Beasts' is a short film set in Scotland by Sedona May Tubbs. This story follows a young child who is finding ways to cope with her fathers illness. She seeks comfort in her story books and uses them to cope with the struggles of her fathers declining health. She sees her father as one of the fictional characters she reads about and is inspired to continue in the footsteps of her father when he moves to a better place.

Larger arrangements

John is also an experienced arranger, taking known tunes and adding orchestrations or re-arranging them for other solo instruments.

Jigs 'Donella Beaton' by George Johnstone, 'Sharig' by Brian Finnigan and 'The Famous Baravan' by Gordon Duncan, arranged for folk group, brass and percussion

Jig Set with Brass and percussion

'Fiona and Gareth' by Paul Ritchie, 'A Nusa Wedding' by Rory Campbell and 'Dr MacPhail's Reel' by Andrew Bain, arranged for Bagpipe Quartet, String Orchestra, Harp and Bodhran.

Reels for Pipe Band, Strings, Harp and Bodhran
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